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Bipartisan Toxicity

House v. SenateInternationalIndiaAfricaThe Senate passed on Thursday its version of the US National Defense Authorization Act, which is used to fund the US military. Weeks earlier, the House passed its version of the bill.Typically, the differences between the two versions of the US defense bill are slight and any deviations are easily resolved. However, in the GOP-controlled House, representatives added several “anti-woke” culture war amendments, causing the normally bipartisan military spending bill to pass largely along party lines.AmericasUS Senate Overwhelmingly Passes 2024 Defense Bill, Sets Up Clash With House28 July, 00:27 GMTSenate Democrats indicated they believe they will have the upper hand when negotiations begin after Congress’ August recess. However, while Senate Democrats blasted the House version’s amendments, the Senate version of the $886 billion bill has its own toxic overtones such as blocking China, Russia, Iran and North Korea from buying farmlands in the US.


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