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‘Crooked’ Hillary No Longer

‘Crooked ‘Hillary No LongerInternationalIndiaAfricaFormer US President Donald Trump has indicated he will no longer call former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton «crooked» anymore, instead opting to pass own the nickname to his current presidential rival Joe Biden.Although Trump often referred to Clinton as «crooked» during the 2016 campaign trail, he announced at a Thursday New Hampshire rally that he will be replacing the name and «rewarding» her with more positive nicknames. As the «crooked» title heads to US President Joe Biden ahead of the 2024 US election, Clinton will instead be known as «Lovely Hillary» or «beautiful Hillary.» Trump claimed Clinton would welcome such a change, while Biden, in his view, deserves the term «because there has never been anyone in the history of American politics so crooked or dishonest as Joe Biden.»Trump also noted that in 2024, Americans will have to choose between «strength and weakness, success or failure, safety or anarchy, peace or conflict, and prosperity or catastrophe.» He stressed he had no doubts about his future electoral victory in the upcoming election cycle.Among other nicknames that Trump applied to Biden, media outlined ‘Basement Biden’, ‘China Joe’, ‘Corrupt Joe’, ‘Crooked Joe’, ‘Crazy Joe Biden’, ‘Quid Pro Joe’, ‘Sleepy Joe’, ‘SleepyCreepy Joe’ and ‘Slow Joe’.


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