Denmark Eyes New Patrol Ships in Major Navy Upgrade

Danish vessels in a portInternationalIndiaAfricaThe Danish military stressed that the importance of «securing the vital sea lanes» around the country in a «fundamentally changed threat picture.» Fittingly, Copenhagen pledged to allot as much $5.5 billion on shipbuilding alone to strengthen its navy and is even considering buying back submarines. The Danish Defense Acquisition and Logistics Organisation (DALO) has signed an agreement with Danske Patruljeskibe on the design of new naval vessels for the Danish Armed Forces.Danske Patruljeskibe is a consortium founded by the companies Terma and Odense Maritime Technology, as well as PensionDanmark, a pension fund for more than 800,000 employees in a nation of 5.8 million.With the agreement, Danske Patruljeskibe is expected to become a full-line developer of «modern, future-proofed and flexible» vessels. The agreement includes a detailed design and construction strategy for the new vessel type to meet the demands of The Danish Armed Forces, establish the base for future procurements and incorporate innovative technological solutions in modular design that will contribute to the green transition of the Danish military. The Danish Armed Forces expect to get the «right vessels» and «supplies critical to security,» while creating a «multitude» of domestic jobs.Head of the Danish Ship Program Rear Admiral Torben Mikkelsen stressed that «securing the vital sea lanes around Denmark» has become more important than before. According to him, Denmark is facing a «fundamentally changed threat picture,» which places new demands on the Navy’s ships.

Who Are the Players Involved?

The fleet upgrade is meant to secure Danish sovereignty at sea and solve marine tasks. The patrol ships have been commissioned following pledges by Copenhagen to allot as much as 40 billion DKK ($5.5 billion) towards shipbuilding to strengthen the Royal Danish Navy, which recently voiced ambitions to acquire submarines after a several decades’ hiatus.Odense Maritime Technology is Denmark’s leading consultant and designer of flexible naval vessels. It has recently exported the Danish Iver Huitfeldt frigate design to form the basis for the UK Navy’s new standard frigate, currently also sought to be exported to other allied countries.Terma develops defense and security products and systems, ranging from radars for ships, ports and airports to self-protection equipment for aircraft and command-control systems.PensionDanmark administers labor market pensions, health schemes and education funds with a balance exceeding DKK 300 billion ($44 billion).MilitaryDanish Arctic Patrols So Understaffed That Ships Stop for Crews to Take Nap26 April, 12:10 GMTThe design is expected to be in place by mid-2025. Despite far-reaching ambitions voiced by the Danish politicians and generous allocations to the military unseen since the Cold War-era, the Danish Armed Forces remain drastically understaffed. Within the Navy alone, the dramatic lack of staff led to Arctic patrols being put on pause for the crews to get the necessary rest. Instead of operating 24/7, Danish inspection ships admittedly to make do with patrolling during office hours alone, seeking port or dropping anchor at night.


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