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Kai Cenat’s Giveaway Event Turns Manhattan’s Union Square Into Chaos

Police officers block traffic and a crowd on Park Avenue South, Friday, Aug. 4, 2023, in New York’s Times Square.InternationalIndiaAfricaThe giveaway event, which was supposed to involve hundreds of video game consoles, attracted an estimated 2,000 people. Several arrests were made during the chaos, and some individuals sustained injuries, although no reports of serious wounds have surfaced yet.In a shocking turn of events, chaos erupted at Manhattan’s Union Square Park on Friday during what was supposed to be a giveaway event hosted by popular livestreamer Kai Cenat. The gathering escalated into a riot as thousands of individuals descended upon the park for the event, which had not been preplanned with proper permits.Video showed the scene turned increasingly tumultuous as the crowd tore down construction barricades and hurled objects, including rocks, shovels and paint cans, at responding police officers. Firecrackers were also ignited and thrown both at other individuals who sought to meet Cenat and at responding cops.