Выжжен лагерь с инструкторами США, базы зажимают в котёл. Арабы окончательно потеряли страх перед Штатами...

Late Discovery of Bodies in Libya’s Derna May Cause Spread of Infections — Doctors

Nurse Nomautanda Siduna gives hand sanitizer and antiretroviral drugs to a patient in Ngodwana, South Africa, Thursday, July 2, 2020InternationalIndiaAfricaBENGHAZI (Sputnik) — The late discovery of the bodies of victims killed by floods in the eastern Libyan city of Derna may cause epidemics and infections, the head of the main medical center in the city of Al Bayda, Abdel-Rahim Mazek, told Sputnik on Friday.He added that the organization cooperates with the National Center for Disease Control to tackle the possible spread of infection.»A failure to detect bodies in a short time will lead to the spread of infections and epidemics. We are cooperating with the National Center for Disease Control to prevent the spread of these infections,» Mazek said. On Thursday, media reported that the death toll from flooding in eastern Libya exceeded 11,000, with about 20,000 people missing. AfricaLibya Floods: Death Toll Surges Past 5,000 as Thousands Remain Missing14 September, 00:20 GMTLibyan media reported last week that the torrential rains brought by Storm Daniel caused high water and floods in multiple cities and towns in eastern Libya, including Al Bayda and Derna. Air and seaports in the region were closed due to heavy downpours. The cities of Susah and Derna were declared natural disaster zones. Curfews were imposed in the flood-affected cities.


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