Nacho Cheese Truck Crashes on Arkansas Highway

A photo of the cheese packages that fell out of the truck.InternationalIndiaAfricaIn a bizarre and amusing incident, an Arkansas highway was turned into a cheesy catastrophe on Tuesday afternoon as a truck carrying cans of nacho cheese crashed, leaving the roadway covered in the gooey delight.The Arkansas Department of Transportation officials reported the mishap occurred when the nacho cheese truck took the same lane as a wrecker truck hauling an 18-wheeler on Interstate 30 near Prescott.While it certainly left behind quite the cheesy mess, no injuries were reported from the incident.Social media was quick to react, with the Arkansas Department of Transportation posting images of the interstate completely covered in cans of spilled nacho cheese.© Photo : myARDOTPhotos from the scene posted on the local Department of Transportation account.Photos from the scene posted on the local Department of Transportation account.The subsequent cleanup process proved swift as the crash scene was cleared the same day. By the evening, normal traffic levels resumed, much to the relief of commuters and cheese enthusiasts alike.

Lightening the mood, the department asked, "Taco Tuesday, anyone?"

Incidentally, this wasn’t the only unusual case involving food on the highways this week. A day earlier, drivers on the opposite side of the country had their own bizarre encounter when a truck carrying chocolate caught fire on Interstate 80 in California.


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