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Obama’s Hypocrisy in Begging Aid for Libya After Destroying Country in 2011

People search for flood victims in Derna, Libya, Friday, Sept. 15, 2023. Search teams are combing streets, wrecked buildings, and even the sea to look for bodies in Derna, where the collapse of two dams unleashed a massive flash flood that killed thousands of people.InternationalIndiaAfricaJames TweedieBarack Obama has asked his fans to donate to charities in the wake of the natural disaster in Libya. Margaret Kimberley, editor and senior columnist, pointed out that it was the former US president who transformed Libya from Africa’s wealthiest nation to a war-torn and fractured state.Barack Obama’s crocodile tears over the deadly floods in Libya — a country his government destroyed — are disgusting, says one columnist.Some 11,000 people have reportedly died and 20,000 are still missing after flash floods in the North African country, which was the most prosperous on the continent until 2011.Russia has sent military transports with humanitarian aid and 50 Ministry of Emergency Situations (EMERCOM) specialists to help relieve the suffering amid fears of outbreaks of waterborne diseases.The former US president took to X, formerly Twitter, to urge his 132 million followers to donate to several charities — based in the US and Britain — in the name of helping the victims.© Barack Obama/XFormer US president Barack Obama urges his followers on X, formerly Twitter, to donate to British and US charities following the deadly floods in LibyaFormer US president Barack Obama urges his followers on X, formerly Twitter, to donate to British and US charities following the deadly floods in LibyaJournalist Margaret Kimberley told Sputnik that Obama had «a lot of nerve» after his first administration «destroyed the Libyan state» in 2011 with the help of its NATO allies.She recalled how Obama’s foreign policy chief Hillary Clinton had laughed during a TV interview after rebel forces backed by the NATO bombing campaign captured and brutally murdered Muammar Gaddafi, leader of the 1969 Green Revolution against King Idris I that founded the Libyan Arab Republic. «We came, we saw, he died!» Clinton cackled.»Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, was the public face of that project,» Kimberley said. «But of course, she had the full backing of her boss and they killed Gaddafi, which Hillary Clinton seemed to think was so amusing.»She recalled how then-French President Nicolas Sarkozy and British Prime Minister David Cameron «personally went to Libya to gloat over this horrible victory.»»Libya is still under sanctions having been destroyed,» Kimberley stressed. «Libya doesn’t even have the ability to fix its infrastructure, like repairing those dams that collapsed after that storm.»WorldFirst 50 Specialists of Russian Emergency Ministry Arrive in Flood-Hit Libya16 September, 09:11 GMTThe editor noted how Obama’s predecessor George W. Bush had remained silent on the bloodier aspects of his eight years in office, especially the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, preferring to focus on his hobby of painting.

"But Obama, he'll go on Twitter and say: 'Oh, Libya is so sad. You can give money here. Look to the Obama Foundation' as if butter wouldn't melt, as if he had nothing to do with the ongoing disaster that has overtaken that country since 2011, when his administration dedicated itself to destroying the Libyan state," Kimberley said.

«Then he wants to act like he thought somebody called it a crap show and said the Europeans were supposed to do something,» she added. «It’s really disgusting to me that he has the nerve to say anything about Libya at all.»


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