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Pentagon Misleads Congress About Nature of Bases in Africa

Lt. Gen. Michael Langley speaks during a Senate Armed Services hearing to examine the nominations at the Capitol Hill, on Thursday, July 21, 2022, in Washington.InternationalIndiaAfricaJames TweedieThe US military maintains a string of bases spanning the Sahel region of Africa. Tunde Osazua, coordinator of the US Out of Africa Network — part of the Black Alliance for Peace — said they amounted to a military occupation of the continent.The US Department of Defense has lied to Congress about its shady activities in Africa — funded by taxpayers. Peace campaigner Tunde Osazua told Sputnik that the US Department of Defense was not coming clean to legislators about its network of bases across the continent.Osazua explained that General Michael Langley, commander of the US Africa Command (AFRICOM), had briefed Congress on the military’s facilities in Africa, including the ‘enduring forward operating sites’ at Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti and the Cat Hill air base on Ascension Island, the tiny British South Atlantic colony, along with 12 other «posture locations».»He claimed that those locations have minimal permanent US presence and low cost facilities and limited supplies for the US forces The soldiers and their personnel are there to perform critical missions and quickly respond to emergencies,» he noted.»Experts say that he misled Congress, that AFRICOM’s chief basically lied about the size and the scope of the US presence on the African continent,» Osazua said. «Instead of 12 posture locations there are no less than 18 outposts in addition to Camp Lemonnier.»»This is according to what AFRICOM itself released in its own secret 2022 Theater Posture Plan, which I think might even understate the current footprint of AFRICOM on the continent.» In fact, peace group World Beyond War has listed around 55 US military installations in Africa, he pointed out.The anti-imperialist campaigner said the Pentagon was «essentially lying to Congress about this.»

"They're trying to say that they're doing a lot with very few resources when there's a lot of funding for… what is military occupation," Osazua said. "it's clear that the US military activity on the continent is extensive. A few years ago a report came out that said that there are close to 3,500 missions per year that the AFRICOM takes part in on the continent. That's close to ten missions a day."

WorldHow US Military Failed in Africa27 August, 17:56 GMTThe commentator noted that the west African state of Niger had become «a particular point of focus» since the recent military takeover, with former colonial power France refusing to evacuate its troops and embassy and some of its compliant governments in the region threatening military intervention. AFRICOM’s Airbase 201 is also in Niger, featuring a 6,200-foot runway taxiways, hangars, living quarters, roads, utilities, munitions, storage, an aircraft rescue and firefighting station — all within a 25-kilometer security zone.But Osazua stressed «how the people and the government have responded to US and French military presence on their soil, which again amounts to a basically military occupation.»For more in-depth commentary on current affairs, tune in to our Sputnik Radio show By Any Means Necessary.


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