POTUS Mugshot Fever

Trump’s Copy, Paste, RepeatInternationalIndiaAfricaOn Tuesday, former US President Donald Trump confirmed on Truth Social that he received a letter telling him he is a target in special counsel Jack Smith’s grand jury investigation into attempts to overturn the 2020 election.The target letter is the biggest sign yet that a fourth indictment of the former president is imminent. This will be the fourth time Trump has been indicted on federal charges. However, the former president would not be subjected to the indignity of a booking photo, commonly called a mugshot.Trump attorney and spokesperson Alina Habba told US media at the time that Trump was in a “unique position” and didn’t need a mugshot. “He is not a flight risk. He is the leading candidate of the GOP at the moment. He is going through a process that has been coordinated with [the] Secret Service and it will all be handled seamlessly,” she said while Trump was inside a Miami courthouse for a case relating to his handling of classified documents.Officials reportedly downloaded a photo of the former president instead.


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