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REC: participants’ number of INNOPROM’s «Made in Russia» mount tripled

 / Go to the mediabankStand of JSC «Russian Export Center» (REC) at the international industrial exhibition «INNOPROM-2019» in Yekaterinburg / Go to the mediabankInternationalIndiaAfricaThe number of companies presented at the ‘Made in Russia’ stand at the exhibition «INNOPROM. Soviet Central Asia» in Tashkent has tripled in a year, Chief Executive of the Russian Export Center (REC) Veronika Nikishina said.»Russian companies’ interest in working in Uzbekistan and Soviet Central Asia markets increases amid the demand for developments of ‘Made in Russia’ in the region. This is illustrated by the fact that last year 17 Russian companies took part in the exhibition, and this year their number has tripled. Last year there were only one stand, but now the display is so big that it has 4 locations: 3 of them are in halls, and 1 more is in the open air,» Nikishina stated.Opened on April 24, the exhibition presents Russian producers of industrial and power engineering equipment, chemical and oil-and-gas industries. Moreover, domestic companies showed IT innovations, achievements in education and high-tech, power engineering, construction and other industries. The ‘Made in Russia’ brand presents 5D printers, logistical robots, innovative construction supplies, smart pressure sensors, charge stations, interactive portable video studios and «smart city» projects.RussiaRussian Export Support Centers Helped 765 SMEs Ink Over $200 Mln in Contracts in Q121 April, 13:17 GMTThe companies represent the entire territory of Russia: from Irkutsk to Saint Petersburg, from Moscow to Yoshkar-Ola. There are large companies as well as small and medium enterprises, Nikishina noticed.Fifty-nine Russian companies presented their products on the ‘Made in Russia’ stand of the Russian Export Center at this year’s exhibition «INNOPROM. Soviet Central Asia» in Tashkent.


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