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Russia to Increase Production of Kinzhal Hypersonic Missiles

Pantsir-ME InternationalIndiaAfricaOn September 19, Russia celebrates Gunsmith Day with soaring production of hypersonic missiles, meeting 100% of state defense contracts, Bekhan Ozdoev, the industrial director of Rostec’s Armaments, Ammunition, and Special Chemicals Cluster, said.The Rostec State Corporation’s defense enterprises are ramping up missile production for the Kinzhal hypersonic complex, the Iskander operational-tactical missile system, the Pantsir air defense system, as well as the production of aerial bombs, tank and artillery shells, armored vehicles, flamethrower systems, and multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS), the director stressed.According to Ozdoev, Rostec’s defense enterprises are celebrating the professional holiday «in excellent shape.» They are continuously, dynamically, and in accordance with the schedules agreed on with the Russian Defense Ministry, supplying equipment to the armed forces, often ahead of schedule, the director stated.

"Production volumes for various types of weapons have increased by 2 to 10 times, and in some cases even more. This growth can be seen primarily in tanks and combat vehicles based on them, lightly armored vehicles, rocket artillery systems, heavy flamethrower systems, thermal imaging and other optical devices, and strike equipment. This includes increased production of missiles for the 'Kinzhal,' 'Iskander,' and 'Pantsir' systems, aircraft bombs, artillery and tank shells, etc.," the director reported.

MilitaryEx-Pentagon Analyst Reveals Russia’s Secret Weapon Against NATO Armor in Tank-on-Tank Duels10 September, 11:52 GMTRostec expects to fulfill 100% of this year’s state defense contracts, Ozdoev emphasized.

"Our main task is to provide the troops in the Eastern Military District with everything they need. We are trying to work ahead of schedule. The forecast for the fulfillment of the state defense contract for this year is traditionally high, at the level of 100%," the director stressed.

Moreover, defense enterprises are developing next-generation projectiles, including guided ones, for the Malva self-propelled gun, which will give them an advantage over artillery from NATO countries, Rostec’s official reported.

"At the same time, we are pursuing new developments in this area. In particular, we are creating a new generation of ammunition for the Malva self-propelled howitzer, including guided ammunition, which will give us an advantage over the artillery of NATO countries," Ozdoev said.

Russia’s Special Operation in UkraineGunsmith Day: How Ukraine Conflict Improved Russian ArmsYesterday, 05:00 GMTFurthermore, Rostec has delivered grenade launchers to troops ahead of schedule, the state corporation reported.

"Rostec's High Precision Systems Holding has delivered GM-94 grenade launchers to the troops ahead of schedule. This weapon is in high demand among assault troops in the special military operation zone, as it allows effective engagement of the enemy behind fortifications," the director highlighted.

© Sputnik / Ruslan Krivobok / Go to the mediabank GM-94 grenade-launcher GM-94 grenade-launcher / Go to the mediabankThe product developed by the Academician A.G. Shipunov Tula Instrument Design Bureau (KBP) has an impressive range of 43 mm ammunition, including fragmentation and thermobaric, according to Ozdoev. In addition, the GM-94 grenade launcher is safe for use by the shooter beyond a range of five meters from the explosion, enabling operations in densely-built urban areas and indoors, the director explained.

"The GM-94 grenade launcher is in strong demand in the special military operation zone due to its excellent ergonomics, light weight and manageable recoil. This is especially important for soldiers engaged in face-to-face combat with entrenched enemies. Thanks to the tireless and dedicated work of Tula's gunsmiths, a new batch has been delivered to the troops ahead of schedule," Ozdoev stated.

The GM-94 grenade launcher weighs less than five kg without ammunition, with a length of just over 80 centimeters with the stock extended, and less than 54 centimeters when folded, the Rostec official noted.


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