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Russian Environmental Watchdog Launches Polar Bear Mascot Contest

Polar BearInternationalIndiaAfricaThe Polar bear is a mascot of the International Children’s and Youth Prize «Ecology is everyone’s concern.»The head of Russian environmental watchdog, the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources (Rosprirodnadzor), Svetlana Radionova, has announced the start of a contest of polar bear installations.

"Getting youngsters involved in solving environmental problems is a priority here. This is what the international award "the Ecology is Everyone's Concern", which we started two years ago, is doing. Now, the third season is underway. The polar bear is the mascot of our award. To draw attention to preserving the living symbol of the Arctic, I hereby announce a contest for the best polar bear installation. We will select the best works and announce their authors in November…" Radionova stated.

She highlighted her organization’s key mission, which is the preservation of animals on the world’s endangered species list and the conservation of biodiversity. Radionova added that thanks to the «Ecology is Everyone’s Concern» prize, the number of those involved in the environmental agenda is growing exponentially.“At first glance, it may seem that zoos and Rosprirodnadzor have nothing in common. But this is only at first glance. We have one important mission — the preservation of animals on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. We are responsible for the fate of rare and endangered species of animals, just as you are. And together we are fighting for the conservation of biodiversity. It was with this noble goal that Rosprirodnadzor, together with the Union of Zoos and Aquariums of Russia and the Moscow Zoo, held a unique event, that no one else in the world has done before — we held an on-site training seminar on resolving conflict situations with a polar bear for the first time in the Krasnoyarsk Region.It is in the Krasnoyarsk Region on Dikson Island that we have had several high-profile stories involving a person and a bear over the past year,» said Radionova.The international children’s and youth prize the «Ecology is Everyone’s Concern» was established by the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources in March 2021 and is awarded for interesting ideas, initiatives and projects dedicated to the preservation of the environment, respect for nature and promoting eco-culture.


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