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Trump Mug Shot Mania

The Mug Shot CrazeInternationalIndiaAfricaAfter his fourth indictment, former US President Trump posed for his first mug shot after saying Georgia prosecutors insisted he give one for the record. In the previous cases, prosecutors agreed with his defense team that the booking photo was unnecessary because the former president and reality TV show host is easily recognizable.As the first mug shot of a former American president, the image instantly became a symbol for both supporters and detractors of Trump. Liberals have been cheering the image as a symbol of justice being served regardless of an individual’s status, while conservatives have been posting it, along with their own doctored mug shots, as a symbol of martyrdom and support for the former president.AmericasNever Give Up! How X Users Reacted to Trump’s Mug Shot25 August, 14:13 GMTThe Trump campaign has already started selling merchandise with Trump’s mugshot on it, including shirts, signed posters, coffee mugs and drink koozies.Some stores have decided to profit off of Trump’s mug shot regardless of political persuasion, with one Etsy store selling merchandise with the photo including both “Not Guilty” and “Guilty AF” tag lines.Former US President George W. Bush once claimed to be a “uniter, not a divider” but it appears that one thing that has united everyone is America’s first presidential mug shot.


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