US Marine Veteran Highlights Top-Notch Russian Arms in Ukraine Conflict

 / Go to the mediabankCombat helicopter Ka-52 at the ‘Vostok 2022’ military maneuvers at the Sergeevsky training ground. / Go to the mediabankInternationalIndiaAfricaRussia celebrates Gunsmith Day on September 19, honoring workers of the nation’s defense industry. Russia’s state-of-art weapons help it withstand and counter pressure from the NATO bloc in Ukraine.Every year on September 19, Russia celebrates Gunsmith’s Day, a professional holiday dedicated to all employees of the military-industrial complex and craftsmen who create weapons for the country’s armed forces.The decree «On the establishment of Gunsmith Day» was signed by then-President Dmitry Medvedev on December 3, 2011, in response to a petition from the Union of Russian gunsmiths which was handed to then-Prime Minister Vladimir Putin by legendary weapons-maker Mikhail Kalashnikov in May 2010.© AP Photo / Vladimir VyatkinMikhail Kalashnikov the creator of the AK-47Mikhail Kalashnikov the creator of the AK-47On Tuesday, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin congratulated Russian gunsmiths on their professional holiday, noting that Russia’s modern weapons have unmatched characteristics and impeccable efficiency, which have been demonstrated during the special military operation in Ukraine.Speaking to Sputnik, Brian Berletic, an ex-US Marine Corps independent geopolitical researcher and writer, has shared his views on what Russian weapons have proven to be most effective on the battlefield.»Among the most effective and important Russian weapon systems on or above the battlefield today I would count the Pantsir S-1 missile system, Lancet loitering munition, T-90M main battle tank, KA-52 attack helicopter, and Russian artillery in general among the top five,» Berletic told Sputnik.© Sputnik / Alexander Vilf / Go to the mediabankThe Pantsir-S mobile self-propelled surface-to-air anti-aircraft system vehicles are parked during its preparation for the upcoming Victory Day Military Parade, in Moscow, Russia.The Pantsir-S mobile self-propelled surface-to-air anti-aircraft system vehicles are parked during its preparation for the upcoming Victory Day Military Parade, in Moscow, Russia. / Go to the mediabank

Pantsir S1

"The Pantsir S1 missile system is a mobile platform that provides point air defense," the US military expert said. "Throughout recent conflicts we’ve seen it intercept a number of munitions, from drones and cruise missiles to ballistic missiles and even HIMARS guided-rockets. It is a testament to the capabilities of Russian air defense, acknowledged by even Western analysts as the best in the world," Berletic stressed.

According to Russian weapons makers, the Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft missile and gun system is designed for air defense of small areas, military and administrative-industrial facilities, against fixed- and rotary-winged aircraft, cruise missiles, and precision munitions as well as for bolstering air defense units against massive air strikes. The mobile, multichannel short-range system boasts a swift reaction time and high firepower due to combined missile-cannon weapons.Russia’s Special Operation in UkraineWatch Russia’s Lancet Kamikaze Drone Take Out Ukrainian Tank16 September, 10:08 GMT

Lancet Kamikaze Drone

"The Lancet loitering munition has revolutionized drone warfare," emphasized Berletic. "It is one of the first loitering munitions used widely in a conflict, able to destroy everything from artillery positions and tanks, to air defense systems and counter-battery radar sets. Their long range and large quantities mean Russian forces can diminish enemy long-range weapons, especially artillery, without putting Russian soldiers and equipment in danger," the expert noted.

The Lancet drone «loiters» around a target area while in search mode. When a target is found, the smart kamikaze drone strikes it like a guided air-to-surface missile, while also destroying itself. Designed by ZALA Aero, one of the Kalashnikov Group’s companies, the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) got its name not only due to its exterior design, but also because of its high precision. The drone has a double X-shaped tail which bolsters both its maneuverability and stability in nosedive mode. Back in 2019, General Director of ZALA Aero Alexander Zakharov told the press that «double X» was the company’s «absolute know-how.» In April 2021, the drone was shown in action on the Syrian battlefield. At that time, the Lancet earned its nom de guerre: «the flying Kalashnikov» (or «flying AK-47») due to its simplicity, usability, and reliability.© Sputnik / Evgeniy Biyatov / Go to the mediabankT-90M Proryv tank at a repetition of the 77th Victory Day Parade in Moscow, May 2022.T-90M Proryv tank at a repetition of the 77th Victory Day Parade in Moscow, May 2022. / Go to the mediabank

Russia’s T-90 Main Battle Tank

«Russia has always built world-famous main battle tanks, whether it was the T-34 during World War 2 or the still ubiquitous T-55s and T-72s found around the world,» noted the ex-US Marine Corps officer. «But the T-90M represents the pinnacle of battle-tested Russian armor, capable of detecting and hitting targets day or night on the first shot up to 4 km away (5 km if using a tank-fired anti-tank guided missile). Until the T-14 Armata comes of age, the T-90M stands as one of the best main battle tanks on Earth,» Berletic continued.The T-90 is a third generation main battle tank and successor of the T-72. Being designed in the 1990s, the tank has undergone several upgrades and has become one of the most commercially successful main battle tanks on the global market.

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The modern T-90M «Proryv» («Breakthrough») is manufactured by the Open Joint Stock Company Research and Production Corporation Uralvagonzavod, one of the Russian leaders in the high-quality machine-building industry. The T-90M’s 125mm enhanced-accuracy smoothbore cannon has an autoloader, which simplifies and speeds up the firing process during combat. The tank is also mounted with a remote-controlled 12.7 mm machine gun. On top of that, the tank is well-protected against conventional ammunition, precision guided weapons and anti-tank rockets.Russia’s Special Operation in UkraineWatch Russian Ka-52 Alligators Snap at Ukrainian Armored Vehicles8 September, 12:37 GMT

Ka-52 Attack Chopper

«KA-52 attack helicopters have gained attention even among Western analysts for its role in breaking waves of NATO-trained and armed Ukrainian assaults using a variety of anti-tank guided missiles that outrange the mobile air defense systems Ukrainians are using along the front lines. Unlike US Apache attack helicopters that made their name in Iraq against inadequately trained and poorly equipped troops, Russia’s KA-52 attack helicopter is prevailing in a modern combat environment unlike anything US forces have ever operated in,» Berletic pointed out.The Ka-52 Alligator is a next-generation reconnaissance and combat helicopter which was designed by the Kamov Design Bureau, a division of the Russian Helicopters Company. The chopper is quick and highly-maneuverable — partly thanks to its coaxial rotors – and has a wide range of aerial weapons. Its main tasks include the destruction of armored and non-armored vehicles, enemy personnel and adversary helicopters both on the front line and in tactical depth. The Ka-52 has a two-seat cockpit and can be flown by either pilot. In addition, it is equipped with signature control devices as well as electronic and active counter-measures.Russia’s Special Operation in UkraineGunsmith Day: How Ukraine Conflict Improved Russian Arms19 September, 05:00 GMT

Russian Artillery

"Finally, Russian artillery in general, an aspect of modern warfare Russia has invested deeply in over the decades, may be among its most formidable and important combat capabilities," emphasized Berletic. "Russian artillery because of its quality and quantity has allowed Russian forces to dismantle enemy defenses at a distance, minimizing Russian losses. But also Russian artillery has prevented adversaries from approaching Russian positions at great cost to the enemy," the geopolitical analyst noted.

«Russia’s advantage in artillery has created not only tactical and strategic advantages for Russia on the battlefield, but a geopolitical position of strength because of the collective West’s inability to match Russian artillery firepower,» the former Marine continued.Indeed, the US mainstream press has recently complained that Western sanctions have failed to hinder the production of Russia’s artillery shells and other weapons, adding that in fact Russia’s defense sector has considerably boosted manufacturing capabilities since the beginning of the special military operation. Presently, Russia produces seven times more munitions than the whole West, according to the US press estimates.Berletic pointed out that the arsenal must be used together in concert as part of combined arms warfare. Given that Russia has top-notch arms in all domains of warfare, the nation’s military concerted efforts provide for efficient offensive and defensive operations on the battlefield.


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