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Which African Armwrestling Teams Are in World’s Top 50?

Arm wrestlers compete at the International Arm Wrestling Championship in Bamako on May 29, 2016InternationalIndiaAfricaWorld Sport Ranking, a sports policy evaluation platform that uses a multi-criteria database, has published a rating of the world’s best armwrestling teams. The platform was created by a Lebanon-based professor and IN&Sport, an international sport consultancy firm.Ghana’s armwrestling team ranks second in Africa, 29th in the world, surpassing Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Canada, World Sport Ranking has stated.Since 2017, Ghana’s Golden Arms team has won a record 137 medals, as well as 45 medals at the 11th African Armwrestling Championship held in Nigeria. Egypt remains a consistent winner among African nations, ranking 13th in the world and being the only African country overtaking Ghana. Other African countries that are among the top-50 in the world are Nigeria (33) and Cameroon (39).In the most recent World Armwrestling Championship, promoted by the International Federation of Armwrestling (IFA), athletes from South Africa and Mali took a number of prize-winning places in both the junior and senior categories.AfricaAfrican Football is Evolving, Says Russian Who Played for Rwandan Club18 March, 05:50 GMTAll of the top teams participate in the key continental armwrestling tournament called the Africa Armwrestling Championship (AAC), which takes place on the coninent every year.Last year, Nigeria emerged as the overall winner at 11th AAC, with Nigerian teams winning 27 gold, 27, silver and 22 bronze medals at the three-day tournament held at the Indoor Sports Hall of National Stadium, Lagos. Egypt took second place with 24 gold medals, Ghana claimed third position, clinching 18 gold medals, 22 silver, and five bronze medals to the delight of the coach. Ghana came in third position, gaining 18 gold medals, 22 silver, and five bronze medals. Overall, 12 countries – Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Egypt, Ghana, Madagascar, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, and Togo – took part in the latest competition, which was held in July 2022 in Nigeria. Ghana will host the next Africa Armwrestling Championship in June this year.

In Ghana, it is the second most popular sport. According to reports, the Ghana Armwrestling Federation is leading a campaign to increase the popularity of the sport among the youth. The president of the Ghana Armwrestling Federation (GAF), Mr. Charles Osi Asibey, was elected president of the Armwrestling Federation of Africa (AFA), which is the owner and organizer of (AAC), for four years at an elective congress held in Lagos, Nigeria, in late summer 2022.He won 73% of the overall vote, defeating his main rival Samuel Jackson, president of the Nigeria Armwrestling Federation.


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