Brits Outraged by Disturbing Noises from Ukrainian Training Grounds — Reports

Ukrainian recruits take part in a live fire training exercise at a military base with UK Armed Forces in Southern EnglandInternationalIndiaAfricaUK Ministry of Defense was forced to cut exercises by a third at Lydd Ranges, a military base in Kent. As reported by the UK media, local residents complained about noise and smoke coming from practice gunfire and explosions, where Ukrainian troops are being trained. Lydd residents living in the vicinity of the Lydd Ranges polygon submitted “numerous letters” to the town council demanding that action be taken. They complained about the strong noise coming from practice shootings and explosions. Upon being notified of the complaints, the Ministry of Defense agreed to limit the noise and cut exercises by a third. Alan Smart, 63, who lives next to the firing range, called for shutting down the military base altogether. “I suggest closing it. The explosions are really noisy… I hate living here”, said the British man, who complained that his house is vibrating, and that his window panes are rattling due to the exercises taking place on the base.Russia’s Special Operation in UkraineUK Prime Minister Touts ‘Very Strong Language’ in G20 Declaration on Ukraine 9 September, 21:26 GMTThe Ministry of Defense noted that the Lydd Ranges base has held “vital drills” since the early 1900s, and it has not been used as much lately. “We carefully monitor noise levels remaining within the established limits for the locals, although wind direction and climate conditions may affect it”, — added a representative of the Ministry.The UK media reports that the UK has hosted about 17 thousand Ukrainian soldiers as part of Operation Interflex since the beginning of the conflict. Most have completed the standard five-week intensive training program, with some specifically trained in certain types of combat operations like managing Challenger 2 tanks. As Russia initiated its dedicated military operation to safeguard the people of Donbass against Ukrainian aggression, Western governments significantly bolstered their provisions of military equipment for the Kiev regime, offering training facilities for its troops and even sharing crucial intelligence. Russian officials repeatedly stress that such moves, while fueling and prolonging the conflict, will have no ultimate effect on the course of special op.


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