Lavrov Directs Guterres to Inadmissibility of ‘Double Standards’ in UN Work

UN FlagInternationalIndiaAfricaMOSCOW (Sputnik) — Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has drawn the attention of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres to the inadmissibility of using «double standards» in the documents of the United Nations with regard to different territories, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Friday. «The attention was drawn to the UN secretary general’s assurances to refrain from participating in initiatives that do not involve all parties,» the ministry said in a statement regarding a meeting between Guterres and Lavrov on the sidelines of the UN General AssemblyThe release added that the minister «also pointed to the inadmissibility of using ‘double standards’ in UN statistical and other documents with regard to different territories.»During the talks, Lavrov and Guterres focused on pressing international issues, as well as various aspects of Russia-UN cooperation. The Russian minister emphasized the need for the UN leadership and all its employees to adhere to the principles of impartiality, the statement said. The foreign minister also urged the UN secretary general to prevent representatives of UN structures from being drawn into politicized initiatives in the context of the Ukraine conflict.WorldRisk of Global Conflict Increasing — Lavrov at UN Security Council Meeting20 September, 17:43 GMTLavrov and Guterres further discussed the topic of reforming the UN to adapt it to realities, the ministry said, adding that the Russian minister noted the importance of the opinions of all UN member states in carrying out reforms and preserving the intergovernmental nature of the organization, as well as observing the «division of labor» between its main bodies. Russia expressed its readiness to actively participate in the discussions at the Summit of the Future in 2024 and the work on A Pact for the Future — the summit’s final document, the ministry said.

Lavrov Urges Guterres to Launch Arbitration Procedure Against US

The meeting also saw Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov call on UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres to launch an arbitration procedure against the United States, according to a readout provided by the Russian Foreign Ministry.«The minister drew the secretary general’s attention to the continued violations by the United States of its obligations under the 1947 UN Headquarters Agreement, including refusals to issue visas to diplomats from Russia and other countries to participate in UN activities,» the ministry said in a statement regarding the sideline meeting.Lavrov noted that «the current situation dictates the need for A. Guterres to launch the arbitration procedure against the US as soon as possible, as repeatedly said in the special sessions resolutions of the UN General Assembly,» the ministry said.Russia’s Special Operation in UkraineLavrov: US Wages War Against Russia by Managing Ukraine Conflict17 September, 09:45 GMT


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